Philosophy of the Nissay Group


 Nissay Group was formed when Michio Inamura (at that time Inamura Dip Co., Ltd.) started business for the first time in Thailand,
with an objective to manufactutre overseas our products.
Companies that make up the Nissay group currently is consist of 11 including, Nissay Trading (Thailand), Shanghai Nissei, Huizhou Nissei,
Nissei Eco Vietnam, Nissei Eco Indonesia, Nissei Eco, Nissei Trading Japan, Nissei CST, Nissei Yamagata, Nissei Akita and Nissei Tochigi.

We hope this group company to move forward on a growing path through the friendly competition with each other and achieve further growth.
However, we also convince it is true that various frictions have been generated through the diversifying linguistic and cultural environment.
Therefore, while following the excellent aspects of corporate culture in Japan, acknowledging the uniqueness and autonomy of each other and tiying with
"a moderate linkage", and desire to contact with each other in a spirit of cooperation and harmonization to ensure a well-ventilated communication,
we decided to list one word of Harmonize as a philosophy of the group.

In particular,
① To keep close contact,
② To keep mutual presentation of the situation regularly,
③ When asked for consultation, the upper management accepts the situation humbly without duress, and instruct subordinate from the broader perspective,
④ When any problem occurs, to seek for a solution in good faith and favorable dialogue with each other as soon as possible,
⑤ Give priority to the interests of the group as a whole rather than that of the local department and own,
⑥ Resolve the problems with tolerance,

By a person who has a good understanding of the above items to operating and managing the business sites, with the aim of its realization.

Of course the spirit of the Harmonize is not only a thing remaine in the group,
but also by "harmonizing" the philosophy and technologies with our customers, we are striving to offer the better products.