Customer oriented flexible designing policy.

We support customers from the stage prior to the drawing and form the harmonize with them into shape.

On the othe hand CAD data will also be created.
In the CAD CAM dwaring room, processing and drawing programs are prepared and
transferred to the machining center for modling.

Because our each department including design, mold and process is closely working together, when necessary we are offering various proposals to
the customer's drawing from the each point of view, such as the position of gate, etc.


In addition, even the customers cannot fall back their concrete ideas to the drawings yet,
or even from the stage they cannot find a solution, Nissei Group is willing to support them.

↓For instance, this punch picture punch is and example of the idea that our sales staff has issued for consultation from our customers.
It is both burden in terms of cost and management to provide a cap for each size and shape.
So that we have developped a cap of unprecedented cloverleaf type which can be shared in several types.
In some customers, they can cover now from 3φ to 10φ by this one only.


In this way, Nissei group is not a company that can only be said nor they can only with customer's drawing.
We very look forward to a wide range of consultation.