Dipping procucts are manufactured in four countries; Japan, Shanghai, Indonesia and Thailand.
We have a track record production of 35 tons per month, which is the industry top level, and the standard products are also managed commonly
among these four countries.
In addition, Sol is processed by the same raw materials which is specified and incorporated into each division,
We have a 100 t monthly production capacity.


The greatest feature of Dipping is that it can be molded in the male mold only.
This enables to suppress the mold costs, to reduce the initial investment burden, and correspond to the low-volume production.
With its haracteristics of such processes, we recommend the application of the member which require its inside dimension accuracy only.


Since Nissei group itself is manufacturing the raw material, the mold, and the machinery,
we make it possible to deliver our products whereever place the customer needs with fast, reasonable and reliable quality.

【Features of the DIP molding of Nissei Group】
◆ It is available in a complex shape (It is expected to respond to the shape that can not be molded by injection).
◆ It has a shiny and excellent appearance.
◆ Color variations are abundant.
◆ Easily be mass-produced (compared to injection molding in particular).
◆ From the sketch stage correspond to mass production in a very short period of time.
◆ Corresponding size from 2φ to 50φ (up to the maximum of about 150φ).
◆ UL-V0, ROHS compliant products also available.
◆ It supports coating also.

【DIP product example】

DIP molding detail