The same material, the same standard, the same quality


There is a rule in Nissei Group that,
"Assume a supply responsibility shared by the group as a whole"
"If trouble occurs by any chance, the nearest production site responds to the customer

For example, when a problem occurs in the products manufactured by Shanghai factory,
and if it is determined better to be recreated in the domestic plants, it will be addressed to Fujisawa or Nasu.
Despite proceeding localization at each production site, we cannot afford to say to customer that,
since it was contracted and manufactured in Shanghai, we the Japanese entities do not matter.
It is a matter of course to be responsible in the group for customers.

In order to realize such a structure, in the Nissei group, we do control as follows.

・All of the raw materials and molds are approved and unified by the head of quality control and the development manager at headquarters.
・Raw material to be used shall be under inspection on a regular basis.
・Quality management manual is the same in each language version of Japan headquarters
・Dispatched internal auditors from headquarters unify quality control standards on a regular basis.
・Excellent personnel are dispatched to headquarters for the enforcement of learning technology.
・And machinery is also produced in-house and manufacturing technology is shared through the all production sites.

In order to realize the "same everywhere"

Under the idea of harmonize, the Nissei group has been operating in a flat relationship,
publicating important indicators to each other and have been studying continuously.
As shown in the table below, it is not that domestic plants only that have special presence,
but now we reached a level that all of the sites are competing for ranking while working hard.
We will further strife every day to be able to backup from any sites in the case of emergency.

ランキング (現在制作中)

ランキング (現在制作中)

コンテストの様子 (現在制作中)