History of Nissay group

Individual company Inamura Dip was foundedIndividual company Inamura Dip was founded by brothers Takeji Inamura and Michio Inamura with 33 square meters in 319,Ayase, Kamitsuchidana, as a subcontractor to the Dip molding company.1970.png
Limited Company Inamura Dip was founded with 3 million yen capital.A factory of 231 square meters was built in 1657, Yoshioka, Ayase.1975.png
Ifa Co., Ltd. was founded in Ershui, Taiwan.This was aiming at the technology licensing company lead by Taiwanese, but was not successful and was closed after one year.
Limited Company Inamura Dip increased its capital to 8 million yen.A factory of three-story was built in 475, Yoda, Fujisawa.The parent company which had been taking care of Inamura Dip embraced a sense of crisis in its growth, reduced the volume of business dratcially,so they made up their mind to scrap the deal. It was hard to say that was harmonious, but they terminate the deal with its parent companyin two months after the result of the discussion.To solve a series of problems, Takeji Inamura transferred the right of representation of Inamura Dip to Michio Inamuraand launched himself Nissei Trading in order to engage in trading business.Currently, there is no lingering sense between the parties and friendly relations are maintained.However, becuase they are doing the same business, there is a competitive spirit with each other and a moderate tension is maintained.1984藤沢.png
Nissei Trading Thailand was founded in Bangkok, Thailand.After six months training at Inamura Dip to learn dip molding, the founder launcheda company in Sukhumvit, Bangkok witht 66 square meters independently.Initially it was almost closed state, but after shifting the business from Japan its performance was on the track.Four years later a two-story factory of 1650 square meters to 1300 square meters of land was built, and inviting Mizuki Works of screw manufacturing,they expanded the business scope.At the time of its foundation they suffered from the short of funds, so the constraction cost of 40 million yen was finaced from Kyowa Bankon the mortgage of Takeji's own house.Debt repayment was very difficult, payment of raw material bills were delayed, and they had a hard time in the beginning.1983 タイ設立.png
Michio Inamura was appointed president of Inamura Dip.
Elder brother Takeji has established Nissei Trading Japan and appointed president.
Limited Company Nissei Yamagata was established.
Limited Company Shanghai Nissei was established and moved in 2011.In order to shift its management from Japan to China, appointed a Chinesee and left the management.shanhai.jpg
Daimei Electrical Equipment in Nasu joined Nissei group.At that time replacement to Vinyl Chrolide (such as Dioxin and environmental hormone)was a social problem. Although 90% of total production of Inamura Dip was dip mold products and they were looking for theof the corrugated tube, which has been attracting attention as a business alternative to vinyl chrolide tube.Just so happened the initial trading with Daimei, which business conditions had been tight then Inamura Dip spread a collaborative frameworkand Daimei joined them in a year-long.Then, shifting from the manufacturing of corrugated machine to mold and peripherals to accomplish 5 times growth in 10 years.なす.png
The company changed its name from Inamura Dip to Nissei Eco Co., Ltd. and promoted the awareness.Set the stated goal to replace the current products with environmental friendly ones
Established a factory in Tianjin.After operating shortly it was closed for six months due to the effect of SARS, but its operationwas difficult to get on track so it was closed after four yeas. It reassumed operation in 2008 but as the orders decreased critically by theinfluence of Senkaku Island issue, it was closed finally.
Established Huizhou Nissei in Huizhou, China.keishu.jpg
In the Hai Phong, Vietnam Industrial Park, Nissei Eco Vietnam Co., Ltd. was founded.In 2012 positioned Nissei Eco Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) as the second factory.betonamu.jpg
Established Nissei Eco Indonesia in Suruyachiputa industrial park,Indonesia.インドネシア.png
Constructed the second factory in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and stated operation.vsip.jpg