Development capabilities from material

In order to achieve the functionality which customers demand, Nissei Group is also working on the development of materials.
We will introduce our development cases from the recent topics.

ECO-01 Halogen-free tube

ECO-01 印字消去写真.psd
Halogen-free, 94V-0 soft tube passed the UL244.
This product is excellent in workability, not be whitened when bent, that will also contribute to the beautiful appearance of the product.

Electromagnetic shielding DIP

This product has broken down the insulation concept of conventional dip.
Only by providing ultra-thin conductive film on its surface, it bring about new features such as conductivity, earth and electromagnetic shielding.
Besides its light weight and beautiful appearance remain as it is of course.

Enhanced heat-resistance corrugated tube for EV

This is a PP orange corrugated tube for EV to withstand 5000 hours × 135 degrees centigrade.
It is also adopted for the latest models of the leading automobile manufacturers.

Molding that uses PP recycled material

This molded product is manufactured in PP recycled material of eco specification with excellent properties
It will also contribute to your CSR.

The various analyzer for raw material development and analysis.

EDX-GP energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

This X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is optimized for screening analysis of the harmful elements of RoHS / ELV regulations. It has such a high sensitivity and resolution that even a trace amount of sample can be analyzed accurately, moreover it offers simple operability. It is used for quality control and analysis of compounded resin product.

FTIR Fourier transform X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometer

Analyzer for identifying the organic matter. This is essential to the component analysis and the foreign matter analysis of resin products.  Also used to study degradation of resin product.

Scanning microscope


図2.jpgGeer oven

 Heating test, long-term heat resistance test

図3.jpgConstant temperature and humidity chamber

 Moisture absorption, migration and bleed test


 Flammability test

図5.jpgDumbbell punching machine

 Preparation of test sample resin

図6.jpgMini test press

 Melting of the resin, sheet creation

図7.jpgTensile testing machine

 Tensile test of the resin sample


 Low-temperature test

図9.jpgEmbrittlement testing machine

 Embrittlement testing

the study of new materials development by two-axis increase granulator, roll mixer and Henschel mixer as well as mass production.