Industries and customers our products are adopted

Including most Japanese harness manufacturers, Nissei group is allowed to trade with a wide range of companies
expanded overseas such as automotive, consumer electronics, electrical wire and others.

Industry, use
Medical Nasal cavity cannula

  Cannula with apnea sensor
  Urine bag        
  Gavage catheter      
  Extension tube         
  Cap for articial heart and lung tube        
  Porous tube (Bladder catheter)        
Optical fiber  Module cover        ○  
  Optical fiber boots
  Optical fiber cap         ○  
Wire harness parts
Joint (Nylon)
   Connecter cover  ○        
  Terminal cover
  Spiral tube
  Insulating protective tube (Soft PVC)     ○      

Protective tube for EV (Orange PP)
  Protective tuve around the engine (Nylon)         
  Protective tube for air bag (Yellow)
   Cable wiring clip (Coating)         
  Marked tube        
  Parts for wire harness  Profile extrusion products        
  Parts for wire harness Anti rats bite tube      
Appliance parts,
Condenser cover
 Electronic components Dust proof cover
  Fuse cover        
  Wiring clip        
Automobile parts
Window washer tube        
  Gasoline tube        
  Coating on anti-squeak sheet spring        
   Dust proof cover for radiator and air conditioner tubes        
Heavy electronic machinery, 
Insulating protective cover for busbar
 High-voltage power lines, Safety valve
  Cable wiring clip (Coating)        
  Arm cover for nuclear power remote control robot         
  Insulating coating for connecting terminal (Powder coating)        
Plumbing, Metal piping Dust proof cap        
  Water proof cap        
  Terminal protection cap        
  Coating on valve knob        
  Plumbing support bracket protection (Coating)        
Exterior, Interior
 Squeare pipe protective cover        
  Protective cap for screws and nuts        
  Fence coating        
  Hanger cover        
  Hanger coating        
Fancy, sundry articles
Fluorescent color cap        
  Cap retainer       ○   
   Metal paing (Powder coating) 
Miscellaneous  Knob, handle cover        
  Dust proof cover for jockey       ○   
  Cylinder cover