Please leave us molding of soft material such as elastomer.

Case Study: There is a reason to the shape of the optical fiber boots.


Optical fiber is made of glass, a brittle material, and it would break if bent tightly.
There is a part called a boot(s) to prevent it.
Not even in too soft of course, not be too hard, it must have a moderate softness.
In addition there is a devised groove of the cut, allowing it to be bent only to the direction (first orthogonal direction) you want to bend.
In order to fulfill such functions of the boot, Nissei group uses an elastomer resin,
and we realizes the mass production with stable quality, devising from the mold so as not to leave any mold flash even more complex shape.
Now the mass production is also carried out in China and contributing to cost down.
In addition, we have the majority of molds of our own with respect to the standard product.

We are good at injection molding of soft material.

Injection industry has been developed around a hard material, but as we entered the industry of soft vinyl chloride,
we are good at injection molding of soft material which is said to be time-consuming and difficult.
Molding techniques of bellows shape made possible by the soft properties, ingenuity of the gate and runner,
and the improvement of protrusion made it possible to process without performing secondary processing, and finally,
we have realized unmanned operation which was impossible in the past.
Accumulation of such techniques we are proud of our unbeatable position.

Further, not only injection, we are also engaged in dip molding (molding techniques using a fluidized immersion method),
and are ready to propose a molding method that could enjoy the cost benefits, even if the volume is small.