We are in Philippine


It takes only 4 hours from Japan, 2hours from Hong Kong, 3.5 hours from Singapore.
There are a lot of mini buses called Jeppney coneccting all over the towns, cities, and local ares in Philippine. Whire we walk on the street in the city, there are police officers and securities that have guns, shotguns, and army dogs especially entrance of a bank to maintain the public peace.

We are in Philippine to look for a place for you know what.
Another new factory may manufacture products in the future.
Here are some pictures of plants, warehouses, and lands.
20141110_134302 (800x600)20141110_100601 (800x600)
20141110_100203 (800x600)20141110_095750 (800x600)
20141110_135602 (800x600)20141110_093034 (800x600)
We have visited almost 20 spots.
20141112_112900 (800x600)20141112_115830 (800x600)
There are tries in lands where warehouses are going to be built. Trees cannot be cut since it is the national regulation for protection of the environment so trees will be dig out and planted somewhere else.
More detail of the new prace for manufacturing will be announced sooner or later.
To be continued.