Event Before the Lunar New Year at Shanghai Nissei


There was a tube winding competition and the Lunar New Year party at Shanghai Nissei!
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Before starting to wind, There are items that need to be checked, such as inside diameter, surface appearance, and thickness deviation. It is important not only fast winding, but also accuracy, organized well, and nice packing appearance needed.
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Competitors are just doing their work as they always do.
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What a nice well packing! They are now ready to be delivered.

Shanghai Nissei had the Lunar New Year party and they had an award celemony as well.
Totally 14 people were awarded a prize of Manufacturing team banding together, hard working, problem improvement to change for the better, and also for the best tube winding and packing competition.
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After the celemony, they had a party to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
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It is good to have a party from time to time. We can communicate and exchange information so that it will come up new idea for implovement. They will know more about each other as well and it is possible to come to union.
Accumulate your energy while your holiday and expand your power after the lunar new year!!!