Nissei Group Products Introduction


As you can see pictures above are called corrugated tube or conduit tube. We as Nissei Group can provide corrugated tubes size 3φ through 32φ with slit or no-slit in Asia such as Japan, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. We have the same specification and standard as Nissei Group.
We have color variation. We will also prepare color you need.
Here are characteristic of corrugated tube:
It has fast shape reconstruction. When it encounters shock and pressing, it will reconstruct to the original.
You can easily put through wire without breaking and cracking.
It has self-fire extinguishing.
It is flexible so that you can carry out or do construction easily with it.
You can easily cut the corrugated tube with a little knife.
It can resist 2,000V with 15 minutes as withstand voltage and it has 200MΩ as insulation resistance.
It has ability to carry out or do construction easily in cold region or places.
If you would like to ask about how to use, specification, and any other question, please contact with all our staff anytime. We will be happy to answer to your question and try to solve problems.