Medical Supplies


Here is today I would like to introduce Medical home care Supplies of Nissei Eco.
Medical dept. is our one of the main business.
医療 鼻
There are color, size, tube length variations of PVC products that is put into noses for oxygen breathing. It is also used to diagnose breathing condition.

医療 マスクmedi_3
Here is a pad for ears to relieve the rubbing pain.

医療 チューブ多層チューブ
There are the maximum 5 layers in one tube. It is used for inspecting internal organs. Each layer for micro camera, medicines, air, cleaning agents, vacuuming, and so on. Some products have a contrast agent already inside of tubes.

医療 コネクター組立て
We have a team and dept. for assembling at clean room in Shanghai. We have the Know-How of assembling. Clrean, fast, perfect, They are the best assembling team. If you have trouble with assembling parts, not only medical, but also any other parts of field, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. We as Nissei Group hope we can deal with any assembling problems you have.