A Memorial Service for Deceased on April 15th 2016


This is the one of the biggest ceremony at Nissei Eco in Japan.
We had the Memorial Service for Deceased on April 15th 2016 at Nissei Eco. Before we had the ceremony, There were study meeting. General Manager Mr. Inamura Manabu, President Mr. Asano, Director Mr. Sekine had their presentation.
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Content of presentation were what Nissei Eco and Nissei Group stand for, future improvment and development quality, and future revolution. Advisor and founder of Nissei Eco tought us history of Nissei Eco how they started at the very first begging.
After the study meeting, memorial service for deceased began.
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We as all workers and directors are as apriest, shrine maidens, food offering, and court music company with specific shrine clothes on. We proceed the ceremony and pray for deceased with court music behind.
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It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your skin color is, what you are. We jsut would like to express our appreciation to deceased.
It was a tremendous and gorgeous, but modest ceremony. Next ceremony will be held in fall this year and all workers will attend the biggest ceremony!