Plant in Vietnam has been being Expanded


Nissei Eco Vietnam, plant in Haiphong has been under construction to expand its factory. The project was brought in early this year and started constructing in May. More capacity for production line such as dipping machines, extruder machines will be installed soon.
Here are some pictures for expanding the factory.
IMG_7806_1280 (800x600)IMG_7805_1280 (800x600)
Here are just started for foundation work around May. Expanding area is just right next to the factory inside of the same property.

S__1998876 (800x600)S__1998871 (800x600)
S__1998873 (800x600)S__1998882 (800x600)
Liquid concrete is poured and floor appears around October.

In side (800x600)Back side (800x600)
Walls, roofs, lights, electricities, and water supplies were installed in November and it is now ready for machines coming in. As matter of fact, Nissei Eco Japan has prepared to ship two dipping machines and extruders in a few days. The expanded factory will be able to start producing in January 2015! More exciting year will be coming up!