Auto Expo 2015 in Hanoi Vietnam


Entaurance of Autoexpo
Auto Expo 2015 in Hanoi Vietnam was held on June 17th through 20th.
Staff mambers of Nissei Eco Vietnam, a sales manager, and the president of Nissei Eco Japan joined. According to the president of Nissei Eco Japan, Staff members are excited about the Expo since it is the very first time opportunity for staff of Vietnam.

2015/ 6/20 9:57
Vietnam palnt has jsut started manufacturing PVC dipping products that are lined up rather than corrugated tube on the picture. However when Nissei group started businees 40 years ago, we started with these dipping products, such as insulation protection caps, sleeves, the end cap, grip, and protection cover. To start manufacturing these products means to remember the sprit that we first started with.

Booth visitorStuff of AUTOEXPO
It is interesting that more people from Korean companies visited Nissei Eco Vietnam booth than people from Japanese companies. We can find new things when we go out or attend these kinds of Expo that is very meaningful. Attending to the Expo this first time made motivation for all staff and employees to look forward to atteding another Expo to open their new doors.