Trainees from Vienam part 2


Trainees came from Vietnam July 22nd and it’s been a month and harf.
Very first time of their working sceneries were recorded on July 29th on the same blog.
They will be the keys and new hope to manufacture dipping products in Vietnam so they have learned and studied a lot of things of dipping process so hard.
There are other working details relating before and after dipping process. These pictures below are just a little their sceneries.

04 (800x530)
Here are view of before dipping process. She is trying to find right molds from banch of molds at storage.

05 (800x530)
She found out the right molds, but they are very heavy to take thme out. She will get used to find right molds from series on shelves.

01 (800x530)
A senior teaches her basic writing such as product names and inspection sheet.

02 (800x530)
Here is screening products if there are inferior or defected products.

03 (800x530)
Products need more post processing, such as cutting caps, packing.

They know how to run the machines, but when they get used to it, careless accidents such as manufacturing defected products or getting injured occurs so the safety is the top prioirty that they pays more attention. Seniors teaches safety guid lines.
They have another month to learn the dipping process. Their goal is to deal with any problems of defected products, machine troubles, and safety measures.
Their complete disiplined story will be coming up later.

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